2880 Dibang multipurpose HPD downstream affected committee demanded cumulative impact assessment and various other demand

ITANAGAR, Apr 27:   The Dibang Multipurpose Hydro project downstream Affected Committee (DMHPDAC) on Thursday demanded state government for immediate conduct of Cumulative Downstream Impact Assessment of Multiple Projects including various other demands or else the locals will opposed the work.
Addressing media persons here Dibang Multipurpose Hydro project downstream Affected area Committee, chairman Gotem Tayeng informed that government has already decided to start the construction of 2880 MW in Dibang river of which the foundation stone was laid in 2008. Several serious issue are remain to address which are in the greater interest of the thousand of people living on both side of the mighty river.
The government and its representatives never discuses and not conducted public hearing on the impact assessment and other important issue of public importacnes with dam affected peoples of downstream area till date which is a serious issue. Any government or department of the company representative should have assess the safety and security of the thousands of people living in downstream including that in Arunachal Pradesh and Assam. He said.
We the peoples of downstream of the said project very much concern the destruction of our area due to high rise dam measuring around 278 mtrs and in this regards we con had conducted a meeting with public at Dambuk village under the Chairmanship of Gotem Tayeng, Chairman Dibang Multipurpose Hydro Project Downstream Affected Area Committee. The meeting was attended by Learned/prudent persons and senior member of the Dambuk and Roing Sub-Division such as, Ex-MLAs, PRI members, enlightened groups, intellectuals, Gaon Buras, Head Gaon Buras and Apex members of general public of the Downstream affected area.
After the meeting we had submitted memorandum to chief secretary of state and also chairman and managing director of NHPC Ltd. At New Delhi demanding Cumulative Downstream Impact Assessment of Multiple Projects said that the Dibang river basin cumulative impact assessment and carrying capacity study report claims to do a cumulative downstream impact assessment of all projects in the river basin up to Guwahati city in Assam, but completely excludes the downstream-affected areas within Lower Dibang Valley itself. And this project is being affecting four communities of the area.
Such a mega dam may have serious impact on wildlife, biodiversity, as well as livelihoods dependent on these areas so several measures need to be taken up.
We have lots of apprehension of submergence and destruction and damage of property and loss of life in case of devastation so it is necessary that several measures need to be taken up before the construction work began. He said.
Demanding the Project affected families (PAF) status for Downstream communities, He said that Dibang Multipurpose Project is the lower most dam of 16 dams proposed upstream. The ecology and livelihood of downstream communities will be adversely devastated yet to our shock, we are not considered under the PAF. He added
Re-examine our Impacts on Forest Rights, construction of guide wall, Embankment, protection wall and land compensation, 80 percent job quota in C and D grade, Appointment of Dam Review Panel Expert Committee, Revenue Sharing of the State Government are the other their demands.
While giving examples of dam break incident of across the world, the Dibang Multipurpose Hydro project downstream Affected area Committee, Bhanu Tatak spokesperson claimed that area comes under earthquake seismic zone V and in case the Dam breaks then the area will be huge destruction including the Rice bowl of Asia. We are not opposing the construction of said dam but government should come up with prepare proper policy to for protection of the people and area.

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