A Slo Lorish rescued and handed over to Zoo authority

ITANAGAR, MARCH 7 :  A Youth leader and businessman Takam Tayam who rescued a rare species of Slo Loris from the nearby NH-415  Mayam’s 359 farm house, Hollongi and later handed over to Zoo authority of Itanagar.

Takam Tayam inform that “I find it there at farm house and may be seeking our help.  So I thought to extend help and handed it to the Zoo authority in presence of my friend Tagru Tame. We donated the Slo loris to the Wildlife rescue team who was accompanied with Dr. Sorang Tadap and hope the animal reached safely and in safe custody”. He said.

Now time has come that we should take care of others as animals are also living being and their species are under extinction in time to come so we have to protect and save wildlife. Added Tayam.

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