ANSU served a 15 points charter of demand for dev and edu sector and edu scenario of state

ITANAGAR, AUGUST 11 : The All Nyishi Students Union (ANSU) in a representation submitted to the Education Minister Taba Tedir has made a series of demands related to the education system of state and also in Nyishi dominated districts of the state with 15 pointed charter of demand.

Addressing the media at Arunachal Press Club (APC) here on Wednesday, ANSU President Nabam Dodum said that the Directorate of Secondary Education (DSE) should cancel the notice inviting tender (NIT) for procurement and supply of school uniforms rather than stress on decentralization to all concerned DDSE.

He said that the department should adopt realistic policy for proper and effective implementations of grants and aid provided by the state government and centre to promote and emphasis on quality education.

To encourage quality education in the state, Dodum also said that the state government should provide an annual teacher welfare fund for every government school in the state to carry out co-curricular activities which are essential part of the youth development and human resource development programme of students pursuing education in school level.

“Sufficient funds should be allotted to the schools to carry out co-curricular activities. The co-curriculum activities have been missing since the introduction of RTE, which does not allow schools to collect extra fees to execute the activity,” he said, adding that this creates obstruction of the absolute foundation of education.

The annual teacher welfare funds should not only be limited to the Nyishi dominated districts but in the entire state for the betterment of school students, he added.

The union also said that the state government should immediately recruit TGT and PGT teachers against the sanctioned 273 and 81vaccant post, according to the information provided by the Director of secondary education.

Also concerned over the poor network connectivity and other banking issues, Dodum said that many of the students in rural as well as urban areas are unable to avail timely disbursement of government grant aids schemes.

Therefore, the union seeks to revoke the Direct Beneficiary Transfer (DBT) system against students from Pre-Primary to senior schools in Nyishi dominated districts and state as a whole or the government should come up with a good system where it works properly, he added.

“The online mode of class is in full failure in rural districts in the entire state. Likewise, it is also a failure in Nyishi dominated districts due to non availability of proper internet connectivity and network facility. Therefore, the offline mode of class should be started at the earliest at all such districts,” he said.

He also said that proper land allotment should be issued to the government schools to avoid land encroachment. Among the 81 schools in Itanagar Capital Complex (ICC), 41 schools are without land allotment. He urged the department to immediately get the land allotment for urban areas and LPC for rural areas to avoid land encroachment by private individuals. He also appealed to the department to get the allotment of all the schools and colleges of state.

On the sideline, the union also informed that a letter has been served to the Chief Minister Pema Khandu to correct the word ‘Nishi’ to ‘Nyishi’ which has been captioned in a picture depicting a Nyishi house in class VIII Social Science textbook.

“ANSU seeks for the earliest correction of the erroneously misprinted word ‘Nishi’ by the concerned authority of NCERT,” he said, adding that the mistake can be clearly seen in the book, ‘Our Past-III’ of NCERT at Page number 43.

The union also sought status reports from the education minister on various topics relating to the educational funds, projects etc.

The other demands placed forward to the government which include teacher activity centre for pre-primary schools to senior secondary school, permanent office building for office of DDSE at Capital Complex, special package for construction and upgradation of schools in seven Nyishi inhabitants district, introduction of Nyishi Dress as dress code, immediate regularization of 400 ISSE teachers as announced announcement in phase manner and closure of zero enrolment schools in Nyishi dominated districts and proper utilization of infrastructure for better purpose etc are among the many demands of the union.

This is the 1st official press meet and I hope that the state government also takes proper decisions for the welfare of the students and teaching community for the improvement of the education sector and education scenario of the state. Dodum added.

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