Assam Rifles Organizes Tree Plantation Drive to Promote a Greener Environment

Old Rangran Village, Changlang District, Arunachal Pradesh witnessed a remarkable initiative on 29th June 2023, as the Assam Rifles organized a tree plantation drive in collaboration with the local community. The event aimed to raise awareness about the significance of trees in maintaining a healthy ecosystem and fostered a collective effort to promote a greener and cleaner environment.

With an enthusiastic response from the villagers, the tree plantation drive became a resounding success. Alongside the troops of Assam Rifles, the entire community actively participated, exhibiting their dedication towards environmental conservation. A grand total of 450 saplings were planted during the drive, ensuring a substantial contribution to the region’s green cover.

The villagers expressed their profound appreciation for the efforts undertaken by the Assam Rifles in motivating and guiding them towards keeping the environment clean and green. Their commitment to safeguarding the planet was evident through their enthusiastic participation, demonstrating their understanding of the vital role trees play in maintaining ecological balance.

By organizing this tree plantation drive, Assam Rifles not only contributed to the immediate improvement of the local environment but also set a remarkable example for communities across the region. The event served as a platform to educate and inspire individuals about the importance of preserving nature and instilling sustainable practices in their daily lives.

With the plantation of these saplings, the village of Old Rangran is poised to witness the positive impact of increased green cover in the years to come. The Assam Rifles’ dedication towards environmental conservation and their collaborative approach with the local community marks a commendable effort in fostering a greener and cleaner future for Arunachal Pradesh.

The success of this tree plantation drive serves as a reminder that collective action and community involvement are essential in addressing environmental challenges. Through such initiatives, the Assam Rifles and the people of Arunachal Pradesh are forging a path towards a sustainable and prosperous future, with a greener environment for generations to come.

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