BJP rejoice passing of women reservation bill in both house of parliament

ITANAGAR, SEPT 23 : The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) on Saturday had  rejoice the passing away of the women reservation bill in both house of parliament. After the Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha passed the Women’s Reservation Bill which provides for 33 per cent reservation for women in Lok Sabha and state assemblies. The BJP termed it as a historical moment.

Speaking to media, the BJP Mahila Morcha president said we are happy and it is  happy moment for all the women’s of the country to rejoice the passing of Women reservation bill by both house of parliament. The bill have 33% reservation for women in the Lok Sabha and all state Legislative Assemblies. She said.

Through the state government has already empowered the women and reservation is already there in the local body poll and specially in Panchayati Raj and this is biggest step by central government led by Prime Minister Narendra Modi  for empowering and strengthening women. She said.

The reservation for women will we have made a call for transformation. We, all will be get the system of empowerment of Nari Shakti.. The women reservation bill also provide women’s to join in policy making and the also work with man for the nation building. She added.

Several BJP Mahila leaders and other also take part in cracker firing, exchange of sweets were seen among the party leaders and rejoice the passing of bill and termed it has a historic achievement of the women in nation building.  

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