Community Unites Against Drug Abuse in Yingkiong: Awareness Program Delivers Vital Message

Today, on June 7th, the District Administration of Upper Siang, in collaboration with Mother’s Vision, Aalo, orchestrated an essential awareness initiative tackling the scourge of drug abuse. Held at the Govt Higher Secondary School auditorium in Yingkiong, the event fell under the umbrella of the Nasha Mukht Bharat Abhiyan.

Addressing the gathering, DC Hage Lailang emphasized the critical necessity of educating youth about the detrimental consequences of drug abuse, labeling it a pressing global concern. Lailang underscored the ongoing efforts of the District Administration and Police to eradicate drug-related issues across villages, urging for community-wide cooperation.

With poignant words, Lailang stressed the collective responsibility in combating the drug menace, urging individuals to report any suspicious activities to the authorities. He emphasized the pivotal role of education in steering youth away from drugs, advocating for discipline, respect, and focus on career development.

Renowned activist Sri Kennedy Bagra, from Mother’s Vision, Aalo, shed light on the multifaceted nature of drug abuse, advocating for self-awareness, familial support, and societal cohesion in prevention strategies. Dr. Karo Teng, a Senior Psychiatrist, elaborated on the signs and symptoms of addiction, highlighting the free treatment available at the ten-bedded Drug De-addiction Centre in Yingkiong.

APWWS, Yingkiong Unit General Secretary, Ms. Kosiang Pangkam, echoed the sentiments, urging students to prioritize their well-being and seek support when facing challenges. Principal Sri Lutni Perme encouraged students to become ambassadors of awareness within their circles.

The event witnessed the presence of various dignitaries, including DDSE, DD ICDS i/c, teaching staff, and students. Following the program, DC Lailang, alongside other officials, visited the Drug De-addiction Centre, commending its staff for their dedication in rehabilitating individuals. Since its inception, the center has treated 62 patients from Upper Siang and neighboring districts, marking a significant step towards a drug-free society.

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