DC Conducts Surprise Visits to Govt Offices in Yingkiong to Address Unauthorized Absences

Yingkiong, June 19: Today, the Deputy Commissioner of Upper Siang, Hage Lailang, carried out surprise visits to several government offices in Yingkiong in response to multiple public complaints regarding unauthorized absence of government officials during office hours. The visit aimed to assess and address issues related to punctuality and ensure efficient service delivery to the public.

During the surprise inspection, Deputy Commissioner Hage Lailang personally verified the attendance of employees in all the offices and engaged in discussions with officers and staff members. He emphasized the importance of adhering to office timings to prevent inconvenience to the public and urged officials to work in a well-coordinated manner.

Expressing his concerns, the Deputy Commissioner sternly warned that any lackadaisical attitude from government officials during their duty hours would not be tolerated. He directed all offices to maintain proper attendance registers and encouraged the use of biometric attendance systems to ensure punctuality and sincerity among officials.

These surprise visits come in response to mounting complaints from the public, highlighting the need for improved discipline and efficiency in government offices. By taking proactive measures, Deputy Commissioner Hage Lailang aims to instill a sense of accountability and enhance public trust in the administration.

The Deputy Commissioner’s efforts to address the issue of unauthorized absences reflect the administration’s commitment to streamlining operations and delivering prompt services to the public. It is expected that the visits will serve as a wake-up call to government officials, reminding them of their responsibilities and the importance of maintaining a professional work ethic.

The district administration hopes that these steps will result in a more efficient and responsible work environment, ensuring that government offices in Yingkiong function smoothly and effectively for the benefit of the public they serve.

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