Flight service from Donyi polo airport to New Delhi and Mumbai began

HOLLONGI, MARCH 2 : The flight service from Donyi Polo airport to New Delhi and Mumbai has began with almost all the seats filled and most of the passengers were form capital complex and adjoining areas. The indigo airlines has extended its service which were earlier to Kolkata has been extended to New Delhi and Mumbai on every alternate days. 

Speaking to media, the Civil Aviation secretary Swapnil Naik informed that today is a happy moment that we have been connected with our state capital to national capital New Delhi and Mumbai the business capital by flight service and is a new chapter in aviation map of country and world. He said.

The service will be on every alternate days and will take off in afternoon from Donyi polo airport, Hollongi, Itanagar and today 99 % seats were full and as per information almost all the seats are full for next few days. He said.

Flight to Delhi and Mumbai was also a long pending demand and it has been fulfilled. The flight to Delhi will go on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 1.55 PM departure via Kolkatta an d50 minute changeover and will reach New Delhi by 7 PM. Today arrival was 170 and departure was 185 in compare to seating capacity of 186. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday this flight will go to Mumbai and it will take off at 1.05 PM while there will be no flight on Wednesday. He said. 

As of now three flight generate form Donyi polo airport of which one flight (fly big) ATR-72 to Guwahati and DONER-228 flight to ALG and other airport of state which include two days to Ziro, Pasighat, Tezu and internal connectivity. With regards to Mechuka the civil terminal building is completed and water and electricity and road is in progress and it is expected that by next one month the flight service to Mechuka will began. We are exploring for VIjayanagar and appointing AAI for DPR for new terminal building. The civil aviation secretary said.

Since the inauguration of the Donyi Polo airport at Holongi on November 19 with temporary (Interim)  terminal which will converted into cargo later on and few major works has been done. the main terminal building with ATC and other is in progress and around 30-35% of works has been completed. The instrument landing facility (ILS) has been completed and the direction/condition of DGCA has been completed in record time and 24 obstruction light and two such lights has been installed in Itanagar one at Doordarshan and one at AIR area above the hilly area. By this installation of lights the renewal date of license is March 8 and we are hoping that we may get the license for day and night operation of flight in day or night. The solar panels of 125 KW has been introduced and connected to grid and around 50 % of present requirement is excesses form the said system and excess will be given to grid. He said.

I am also pursuing the matter for lifting of restriction of flight service on Wednesday and requesting the airlines to recruit and send more staffs to take up the night and day flight service once started. Since the work progress of the main terminal building is in progress and we are expecting its completion by December 2023. Added Secretary Civil Aviation Naik. 

The flight schedule is given below for ready reference;- Indigo Delhi- Itanagar flight. Schedule- Delhi – Kolkatta- Itanagar – Kolkatta- Delhi – every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday.  Mumbai – Kolkatta-  Itanagar- Kolkatta- Mumbai – every Monday, Friday- Sunday

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