IMC Corporator Gora Talang appealed to education department and capital admen for repairing and maintenance of Chandannagar Govt. school

ITANAGAR, JUNE 20 :  The IMC Corporator of Ward No-3 Gora Talang on Monday has appealed to the education department and capital administration for immediate repairing and maintenance of Government Primary school, Chandannagar as school has been damaged by landslide and heavy rain and is in bad shape. 

Speaking to the media, IMC Corporator of Ward No-3 Gora Talang said that the school was established in 2016 and was functioning smoothly till 2021. In the year 2021 there was a landslide and the infrastructure was damaged and was informed to the capital administration and the education department respectively but nothing has been done so far. He said.

The school has limited infrastructure and the landslide has hit the school and the school is in bad shape and needs immediate attention of the capital administration and education department. He said.

The Capital DC alongwith DDMO and other officers also paid visit and inspected the school which is in dire need of repairing and maintenance. They have inspected the damages of school infrastructure and acute shortage of school desks, benches and other items. He said.

The school teacher comes to school wearing a gumboot every day and after reaching school everyone has to clear the mudslide which enters the classes every day and then the class starts and says that the school is in bad shape and pathetic condition and urges all concerned to take care of the school. Tallang added.

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