Kimin ZPM and APSCS&T Chairman distributed essential items to needy people

KIMIN, JUNE 1 ; The Kimin ZPM Bamang Yayu and Arunachal Pradesh state council for science & Technology (APSCS & T) Chairman Bamang Mangha today distributed 600 bags of rice and other essential items to the needy people of Kimin circle in presence of BJP Leaders of Papum Pare district.

ZPM Bamang Yayu while distributing the essential items to the needy villagers at Cher, Hawa camp, Durpa, Lora, Belo, Jumi and other places in Kimin administrative circle said that we are passing through a very critical period and the Covid pandemic has given us a lesson that whatever you are working and wherever you are you have to maintain the Covid protocol and also need to abide by the SoP issued by the health department, local administration and th government otherwise there is a chance of infection. She said.

The second wave is very deadly in compare to the 1st one as it has been observed through the media that we have lost more than 50 life within these two month in compare to 1st wave as the mortality rate is higher, so time has come that everyone abide by the SoP to remain safe and secure from the infection of the coronavirus. She said.

“ Whatever I have distributed is very small in compare to the needs of the people but it would give a relief to all those who are staying in the resident for several weeks and also due to heavy downpour the essential items given to the needy people may help them for next one week, and accordingly the next one week lockdown would passed off without much trouble”. She added.

She further appeal all section of society to go for testing and ensure themselves Covid free and never go to capital complex till the lockdown is lifted to remain unaffected of the infection. All those who has not been vaccinated for the Covid vaccine may also take the vaccine at the health centre even without pre registration.

APSCS&T Chairman Bamang Mangha inform that we have distributed around 600 bags of rice to the locals residents. We did not allow them to come to headquarter but we have brought at the door step so that they do not venture in the township and other roads without any purpose. We distributed around 2000 pics of facemask and another five thousand has been given to several local leaders, party functionaries and volunteers who will distribute themselves in their respective areas and also in the street, frontline workers and others wherever necessary. Sanitizers bottles has also been distributed on the occasion and motivated the locals to go for vaccination and Covid test to remain fit and fine with a healthy body and sound mind. Mangha added.

Papum Pare BJP district incharge L Boje, district BJP President Teshi Sony, state General Secretary (Minority Morcha) Goken Bam among other senior leaders of the party motivated the locals of various grams chairperson/ gram members and locals to maintain SoP and spoke the need to stay at home and work from home and go out of house only when there is necessary and emergency and health related issue.

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