Lumla MLA Tsering Lhamu Extends Support to Deepak Nabam Living Home

ITANAGAR, June 8: In a heartwarming gesture of compassion and solidarity, Lumla MLA Tsering Lhamu visited the Deepak Nabam Living Home in Senki Park, Itanagar, on Saturday. The visit saw Lhamu engaging with the residents, offering both material assistance and emotional support to those in need.

During her time at the facility, Lhamu interacted with the inmates, sharing moments of joy and empathy. Recognizing the challenges faced by the residents, she extended her support by donating both cash and essential items.

This visit is part of Lhamu’s ongoing commitment to reaching out to marginalized communities. Having previously visited the home and expressed her solidarity with its inhabitants, Lhamu reiterated her dedication to addressing their needs.

Accompanied by leaders from the Lumla assembly constituency in Tawang district, Lhamu emphasized the importance of community engagement and support for vulnerable groups. Deepak Nabam, the caretaker of the facility and a renowned figure in humanitarian efforts, expressed his gratitude for Lhamu’s consistent support.

The Deepak Nabam Living Home stands as a beacon of hope for the homeless, mentally challenged, and other vulnerable individuals in Arunachal Pradesh. Recognized for its exceptional service, the facility has received prestigious accolades, including the Vayo Shrestha Samman National award in 2021.

Lhamu’s dedication to the cause goes beyond mere gestures; she has pledged to continue her support by contributing a portion of her monthly MLA salary towards the well-being of the home’s residents. Her generosity, coupled with the collective efforts of leaders and caretakers, promises to bring smiles to the faces of those in need at the Deepak Nabam Living Home.

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