NES President Prof Tana Sowren advocate for preservation and protection of aged old culture and tradition  

ITANAGAR, JAN 29 The Nyishi elite society (NES) President Prof. Tana Sworen on Sunday has while addressing the 2nd general conference of Nyishi festival council (NFC) here at DK Convention centre has advocate for preservation and protection of aged old culture and tradition for identity of tribal community.

Prof. Sworen was addressing the function as chief guest on the occasion. We need integrated cultural body who could care for the protection and preservation of identity of tribals of state and country. Every stake holders are accountable to the society and urge upon the leaders of NFC to work in the greater interest for public welfare and development of traditional value and cultural heritage of Nyishi. He said.

We should celebrate the festivals keeping in view the self reliant and promotion of indigenous items which would help the traditional farmers and artesian and businessman which will promote the economic condition of locals. He said.   

He ask the house to develop mechanism which can earn revenue and some portion of revenue is kept for future development keeping in view the need of family in future endeviours. Discipline is another need for everyone and we should be en exemplary for others so that other can also follow. Prof Sowren said. 

He emphasis for promotion and utilization of own traditional attire, dress, food items, items and other indigenous items to promote local skilled youths an farmers. He also ask the NFC leaders to frame manuals for promotion our own indigenous items without diluting th original value and even the technological intervention is there. Added NES President.  

Itanagar Municipal Corporation (IMC) Mayor Tamme Phassang and Managing Director, TKECPL Er Ratu Techi graced the function as  Special Invitees and motivated the youths and community leaders to work for protection of own tradition and culture. 

All the NES affiliated organizations like ANYA, ANSU, NACWS, NSEF & NAAES and Co-hosted by Central Longte Committee (CLC), Central Nyokum Committee (CNC) and Central Boori-Boot Yullow Committee (CBBYC) attended and share their views and suggestion to gathering. .

The house resolved that all grants-in-aid and CSRs from the government and Public Sector undertakings shall be routed through the NFC, CNC, CLC and CBBYC while allocating it to local organizing committees of Nyokum Yullow, Boori-Boot Yullow and Longte festival in order to maintain transparency, accountability and financial prudence.  The house also resolved to encourage Nyishi Art and Culture welfare Society (NACWS) empanelled Artists to perform in the three Nyishi traditional festivals.

Earlier, NFC felicitated MLA Techi Kaso, Mayor Tamme Phassang and Er Ratu Techi for rendering selfless-service to the community especially creating infrastructures for celebration of traditional festivals.

MLA Tarin Dakpe presided the function. 

A new committee wherein Dr. Tachi Taku and Amit Bengia were unanimously elected as Chairman and Secretary respectively of NFC for the session 2023-2026.

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