Phasang Simi appeals all to join hands in the fight against drug addiction

ITANAGAR, JULY 20 : The Itanagar Police station Officer Incharge, Inspector Phasang Simi has appealed to all sections of society to join hands together in fight against the addiction among the youths. He also shows his serious concern on the rise of drug cases in the capital complex.

Simi alongwith IMC Corporator Gora Tallang and other local leaders of the area has launched awareness programme and launched signboard and banners for mass awareness on protection of flora, fauna, aquatic life in Sinki river, illegal fishing, gambling and other safety measures among the local residents in the Ward No-3. The programme was held at Chandannagar where the local residents witnessed the awareness programme while maintaining the Covid protocol.

Inspector Simi while addressing the awareness programme said that it is not only the responsibility of the youth organization, civil society and students union but everyone has to join hands together including the parents and senior members of society who can guide the chieldrens and youths in a better way for a better future.

For every good thing ‘ the charity began from home” and lauded the ward No-3 youths welfare association for initiating the awareness programme and it should be launched in every wards and colony and sector of the capital complex. This will go a long way in motivating other organizations in the society to fight against the drug. He said.

He informs that such a fight against the drug would be much help in taking care of the precious life of youths but at the same time everyone should ensure that no one should take law into their hands. The state police led by DGP, IGP and Capital SP is doing its best efforts and will continue to do so but it would only be successful if all sections of society extend helping hands and support to the police in eradicating the evil design of drugs from the society. Simi added.

IMC Ward-3 Corporator Gora Talang informs that it is a humble beginning and it would help in saving the precious life of youths involved in the drug menace. He assured all possible help to the youth wings in the fight against the drug. He also appealed to the police department to conduct routine patrolling in all vulnerable areas of the capital complex.

Ward No-3 Youth welfare association President Giogi Talo said that if we see that our initiative yields any result in helping the local residents, we shall try our best effort in saving the locality from several illegal activities in the form of gambling activities, drug menace, and thieves.

We are launching the awareness programme and our main motto is to make the Ward NO-3 free from Drug, to create awareness on cleanliness and hygiene, to educate locals on the Covid 19 (Corona virus) and to stop illegal activities and awareness on brotherhood and communal harmony and no discrimination among the local residents. Talo said.

We have erected a signboard and erected several banners in the colony and sectors of Ward No-3 for mass awareness and sighted several rules and regulations for the commuters, locals and others who visit in the area as a safety measure. Talo further said.

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