PHE Minister Wangki Lowang Inaugurates 24 Water Supply Aug Projects under JJM

Nipjyoti Kalita || Singchung, June 02: The Minister of Public Health Engineering (PHE), Mr. Wangki Lowang, today inaugurated a total of 24 water supply augmentation(Aug) projects under the Jal Jeevan Mission (JJM). Among these projects was a significant initiative unveiled at the ADC headquarters in Singchung, aimed at improving access to clean and safe drinking water. The event witnessed the esteemed presence of local MLA Kumsi Sidisow, Toko Jyoti, Chief Engineer of the Western Zone, and Mokar Riba, ADC Singchung.

The water supply augmentation project in Singchung, which falls under the purview of the 6-Thrizino-Buragaon Assembly constituency, is set to benefit the residents of Singchung and Tenga Valley, specifically Khola Camp. This project, along with the other 23 inaugurated today, will address the pressing need for safe drinking water in various regions.

Minister Wangki Lowang highlighted the significance of the Jal Jeevan Mission and the transformative impact it will have on the lives of the local population. He emphasized, “Access to clean and safe drinking water is a fundamental right, and the government is committed to ensuring its availability to every citizen. The 24 projects inaugurated today mark a significant milestone in our efforts to provide reliable and sustainable water supply to the people of various regions.”

The presence of local MLA Kumsi Sidisow further highlighted the collaborative approach taken to address the water scarcity issue in the region. MLA Sidisow expressed his gratitude to the PHE department for their diligent efforts in executing these essential projects, which will significantly improve the quality of life for the residents of Khola Camp and the other areas benefited by the initiatives.

Toko Jyoti, the Chief Engineer of the Western Zone, commended the technical expertise and meticulous planning that went into the execution of the water supply augmentation projects. He assured that the department would continue to monitor and maintain the infrastructure to ensure its longevity and sustained functionality, thereby fulfilling the mission’s objectives.

 The Jal Jeevan Mission’s water supply augmentation projects stand as a testament to the government’s commitment to improving the lives of its citizens and achieving sustainable development goals in the respective regions.

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