Raga MLA Tarin Dakpe attended the border committee meeting of Kamle district

DOLLUNGMUKH, The Raga MLA Tarin Dakpe on Wednesday attended the border affairs committee meeting of Kamle district convened by the district administration here at Boorie-Boot ground. All stakeholders of the district including community based organization, students, youth and leaders of NGOs groups, PRI leaders and others attended.

Dakpe speaking to the press informs that we will stick to the Tarun Chatarjee commission report, though the case is sub-judice in supreme court of India but the initiative of the Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah is appreciated that the issue needs to be resolved outside court through dialogue. It is a good step toward peace and tranquility of the region but we tribal people are known for peace loving and we do not go for disputes and want peace. He said.

We Arunachalee treat Assam as our elder brother and they should also reciprocate us accordingly. We are settled much before India independence and there is no local dispute among the neighbors but the Assam forest officers with officials in pretax of various forest regulation act the innocent people are  harassed and disputes arises but today we have discussed on the issue at district level in length and accordingly  the district administration will submit its report to state government for further perusal. We also like to see that the issue is resolved between Assam-Arunachal Pradesh once for all. Dakpe said.

We shall demand both the central government and state government of Arunachal Pradesh and Assam for an amicable solution of the vexed issue outside the court and maintaining communal harmony with peace and tranquility. He said.

Terming the road connectivity as mother of all development, Dakpe said I have a commitment that the Raga needs to be connected properly through various angles and hope the formation cutting in all three packages of Trans Arunachal Highway (Potin-Bopi road) would be completed by March 2022. With regards to Dollungmukh-Raga road the tender process is in progress for 30 KM whereas the FC work for 69 KM is already done, I am trying to pursue with central government for two lane road which is one of the most viable road which will connect the north Lakhimpur with Kamle district and Kra Daadi district with the present Potin-Bopi road in Kamle district and Tali one of the remotest circle having international border in Kra Daadi district and important connectivity for people of Kamle district as whole. he said. 

We are trying to pursue for Kamla HEP and hope that once the official procedure are finished by December this year it may be allotted and the work may started and completed in next five years. Dakpe added.

Former MLA Nido Pabitra expected better solutions under leadership of Chief Minister Pema Khandu and Local MLA Tarin Dakpe for boundary issues from both governments. Assam-Arunachal boundary issue is a long time pending issue and it’s high time to need a solution for the both state border issue

DC Adong Pertin, ZPC Kamle Biri Shanti Nido, SP Taru Gusar, Papum Pare DC Pige Ligu and several locals also share their opinion and suggestions for solving boundary issues.

PRI members of Kamle district submitted a memorandum to the high level team. 

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