Taba Tedir inaugurates Danyi Piilo Meder Nelo in Siilang Diti

Ziro, Minister Education, Cultural and Indigenous Affairs Er. Taba Tedir inaugurated Danyi Piilo Meder Nelo  Siilang Ditting at Nenchalyang  today in the presence of Minister Agriculture, Horticulture and fisheries Er.Tage Taki and Alo Libang, Minister Health, SJETA and Family Welfare.

This Meder Nello has been constructed purely through crowd funding by the believers. Rs. 1.5crore was generated through crowd funding. The believers also volunteered for all the construction activities and labour. 

Congratulating the Danyi Piilo believers,  Minister Indigenious Affairs Er Taba Tedir said that Danyi Piilo is the mother of all religions. Just like a mother treats all her children equal, it is the responsibility of all the Danyi Piilo believers to create an ambience of peaceful coexistence for all the religions. 

“Secularism is a spirit;  we all have to embrace and celebrate.However preserving our traditions, culture and faith has to be pursued by all, else Indigenous people may become an insignificant minority,”he added.

“The creation of the Department of Indigenous Affairs by the present government is an effort in this direction. Protection, Preservation and  documentation of the age old  indigenous practices and beliefs is being initiated by the department in the form of Nyibu schools, Meder Nellos , Rangfras, Gamgis and introduction of local dialects as third languages in the school.” Er. Tedir added.

He further informed that a Nyibu school will be soon started at Basar and a Donyi Polo Rumgo ( prayer center) is being started at Pasighat which will house Donyi Polo believers from all the districts.

Addressing the honorarium issue of the priests, he informed that a committee composed of Secretary DIA, Presidents of  IFSCAP and priest associations have been formed to finalize the list of priests by November, 2021.

Responding to the memorandum submitted by the organising committee he assured to release the funds for Tribal Cultural Center at Danyi Piilo ground, Hapoli and asked for submission of concept paper for a Gallery around the Tribal culture center.

Also Speaking on the occasion Minister Agriculture,  Horticulture and allied departments Er. Tage Taki informed that there are 12 functional Meder Nelos and 4 yet to be  made  functional. He sought support from the Minister Indigenious Affairs Er. Taba Tedir for facilitating these Meder Nelos.

He further announced ten lakhs from his MLAD for Silang Ditting  Meder Nelo to meet up other infrastructural requirements.

Responding to the memorandum on establishment of Mithun conservation centers, Minister Er. Tage Taki informed that he is pursuing the matter with GOI for Mithun as well as yak conservation.

Minister Health, SJETA and family welfare shri Alo Libang also spoke on the occasion. Terming Donyi Poloism as a naturism ,he said the religion teaches us to respect , preserve and protect nature. 

Deputy Commissioner Smt. Somcha Lowang, ZPC Smt.Likha Sangchhore, representatives of various Meder Nellos and CBOs ,HoDs,ZPMs, representatives from Arunachal Vikas Parishad , IFSCAP attended the program.

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