The second wave is more infectious and lethal than earlier Dr. Tamar Paleng

ITANAGAR, 20 May: The second wave of Covid 19 is hitting the young adults more in the state. As per the case profile made by the officials of dedicated covid hospital (DCH), Chimpu the younger population are prone to Covid 19 in the second wave. Briefing the press in detail here on Thursday, Dr Tamar Paleng head of the DCH Chimpu and chest specialist said that the second wave is more infectious and lethal.

“It attacks the lungs. We have seen that young people are getting admitted more in number and are being severely affected,” he said. Dr Paleng said that serious Covid 19 patients started coming to DCH from April 10 onwards. “Till now more than 200 serious patients have been admitted in the last one and half months. At present there are 50 patients out of which 10 are in ICU and rest in normal wards,” said Dr Paleng.

Further he said severe pneumonia cases are on rise due to Covid 19. “Severe pneumonia is very difficult to treat. All the staff working in the DCH are giving their best to save lives. Many have recovered. So far 5 people have died in DCH from Covid 19,” added Dr Paleng.

He also said private hospitals in the state will have to start getting ready to treat Covid 19 patients.  “If cases continue to rise, a time may come when the private hospitals will also have to start treating the Covid 19 patients,” said Dr Paleng however the state government has made a massive arrangement across the state and the infrastructure has also been increase to many fold and with more manpower and equipment and digital and electronic equipment and medicines.

Dr. Paleng further appeals to all sections of society to maintain the proper SoP and understand the Covid behaviors to remain safe from infection of coronavirus. 

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