10 quintals of seedless organic Thailand lemon distributed to the patients and staff of TRIHMS. 

NAHARLAGUN, The Chief Medical superintendent (CMS) Tomo Riba Institute of health & Medical science (TRIHMS) has distributed around one thousand kgs of citrus organic seedless Thailand lemon to the patients and staffs in presence of several HoDs on being donated by progressive farmer and entrepreneur Likha Maj on the occasion 73rd Republic day celebration. 

Briefing the newsperson,  CMS Dr Dhukum Raina said that today is a happy occasion and every year we do such programmes in the medical college and enjoy the day with staff and patients. Since several staff have been infected with the Covid and therefore we are maintaining precautionary measures so that the covid does not infect others. He said.

The Cocvid pandemic is not still over and it is necessary that everyone irrespective of post and position and age maintain precautionary measure and remain alert from the infection of the Coronavirus and new variant. We should use facemasks and social distances and not become part of large gatherings. Dr. Raina said.

We are observing all guidelines of Covid, today we have distributed the citrus organic seedless Thailand lemon ten quintals donated by progressive farmer and entrepreneur Likha Maj and lauded his role in promoting the locals for vocals and urged upon the upcoming entrepreneurs to be a part of the social welfare activities toward human suffering and human services. The lemon can help the body to maintain immunity and during the pandemic she Kan has been doing since the first wave and still doing so. Dr. Raina added. 

Progressive farmer Likha Maj in his address said that for the last three years his farm products of Thailand seedless organic lemon has been donated to several DCHC, CCC, hospitals, PHC, CHC, orphanage, hostels and helping in fight against the covid. 

 “ I have started a humble beginning since the first wave of the Covid 19 pandemic and it would help and support to some extent in the fight against the covid”, Maj said.

So far I have donated around 70 quintals of Thailand seedless organic lemon to the patients, staff of several hospitals in the capital complex and religious leaders, officers and professionals. Maj added. 

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