133 candidates contesting for 50 assembly constituency while 14 candidates contesting for two parliamentary constituency

Manoj Singh

ITANAGAR, APRIL 18 :  All total 133 candidates are contesting in 50 assembly constituency in state and 10 candidates remain uncontested in 10 assembly constituency. 14 candidates are in fray for two parliamentary constituency of state.

As per Nirvachan Bhawan available information total nomination for 60 assembly constituency was 466 and 33 for two parliamentary constituencies. 173 nominations were found valid for assembly while 14 nominations were found valid for parliamentary constituency. 30 nominations were withdrawn of assembly constituency and on Friday the voting process will began form 7 AM onwards.

The 1st and 2nd randomization were already completed and commissioned thereof. The poll materials and poll personnel’s along with security personnel’s were already dispatched for far flung area and the items with manpower were dispatched on April 17 and 18 respectively. Training of personnel’s were also done and completed. 

As per information 115 nos of e-Vigil complaints were received out of which 113 complaints has been disposed off while 2 pending. 281 nos of NGSP/Call centre of which 5 are pending for disposal. 34 nos of cases of MCC violation has been reported and action has also been taken on MCC Cases. The Nirvachan Bhawan release said.

As per figure available 36 cases of poll campaign related clashes reported and action taken to all the cases and no cases are pending.

With regards to security deployment all total 65 company of central arm police force (CAPF) has been allotted arrived and deployed respectively. 

Meanwhile, IGP Law & Order and Nodal Officer (Election) Chukhu APa inform the media that this time the state of Arunahcal Pradesh has made a remarkable achievement with 100 % deposition by the license holders. All total 32348 arms has been deposited across the state in various police station.    753 illigal arms has also been seized of which 276 are of post MCC. 

IGP Chukhu Apa said that 483 nakas has been established and functional across the state to check the violation of MCC and also for area domination to make awareness among the citizen for free and fair election in state right from voting process on April 19 and counting for assembly on June 2nd and counting for parliamentary election on June 4. 22 nos of non boilable warrants (NBW)has also been executed.  He said.

With regards to cases registered the IGP (Law & Order) Chukhu Apa said that 40 nos of cases has been registered with regards to poll related violence and one person has lost his life while 33 person has been arrested. Dozens of vehicle and other property has also been damaged in such incidents. He said.

Preventive measures have also been taken up by the police so that free and fair election is held and election process passed off peacefully. 3704 person has been bound down u/s 107 CrPc, 7 person has been bound down u/s-108 CrPc, 36 in 109 CrPc while 222 u/s-110 CrPc. 77 persons has been bound down u/s-107, 108, 110 r/w 150 CrPc 1973, 180 persons u/s-107, 108, 110 r/w 151 CrPc 1973. Accordingly 3 bound down u/s-107, 108, 109, 110 r/w 116 (3) of CrPc 1973, 2 person are under preventive detention under PITNDPS, action has also taken against 60 proclaim offenders and 3301 person has been externment and 6 orders promulgated u/s0 144 CrPc. Said IGP (Law & Order) Chukhu Apa.

All preparation has been made and completed and hope he election process passed off peacefully with peoples cooperation. He added.

The IGP further appeal the voters of state to come out in large numbers and go to polling station and take part in voting and become a part of biggest festival of democracy. 

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