41st Annual Fresher’s Meet of Kolkata Arunachal Students’ Association Triumphs in Unity and Achievements

The 41st Annual Fresher’s Meet organized by the Kolkata Arunachal Students’ Association (KASA) in 2023 concluded on a high note, radiating unity and enthusiasm among participants. Esteemed guests, including Riba Pangai, General Secretary of JDU (Arunachal Pradesh), and Lobsang Tsering Changmu, Educational Secretary of AAPSU, graced the event.

Over 200 students from diverse colleges and universities, including IIT Kharagpur, Dr. R Ahmed Dental College, and the National Institute of Homoeopathy, gathered for the event. Guests from Mizo Student Union Kolkata, Meghalaya Student Union Kolkata, and others added to the vibrant atmosphere.

Mr. Chapo Pabing, President of KASA, highlighted the importance of fresher and annual meets in fostering connections and building networks beyond individual institutes. The fresher’s competition showcased talents in categories like Mr. and Miss Fresher, as well as Mr. and Miss Talent, with notable winners emerging from the competitive rounds.

Guest Riba Pangai emphasized the significance of education and sports, encouraging students to remain focused on their career paths. Guests of honor urged unity within KASA, emphasizing the greater interest of Arunachal Pradesh without tribal divisions. Miss Kanku Kabak emphasized women’s empowerment.

The event culminated with a vote of thanks from Miss Domnga Irush Rakshap, and KASA members had a productive meeting with AAPSU representatives, addressing healthcare needs at Arunachal Bhawan.

Special thanks were extended to supporters, including Ruhu Tagung, President of JDU in Arunachal Pradesh, for a generous pledge, and sponsors such as Anne’s Guest House Kolkata, Go Arunachal, and Embeenzers Event Management Company Kolkata. The event team, led by Organizing Chairman Chapo Pabing, received acknowledgment for their efforts in making the event a success.

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