AAPSU rejected the draft on the offspring issue, submitted a draft in the next meeting

ITANAGAR, SEPT 11 : The All Arunachal Pradesh Students Union (AAPSU) who has been insisting the state government to make law on the offspring issue and recently has given a weak ultimatum to the state government has rejected the draft proposal.

Addressing the mediaperson here at Arunachal Press club (APC) AAPSU President Hawa Bagang said that we have been pursuing the matter of offspring for a long time and will continue to do so until a clear-cut action is framed by the state government. We served a one week ultimatum on September 3 and the state government came out with a draft proposal in a meeting on September 8 under the chairmanship of SJETA Minister Alo Libang. We also attended the meeting wherein several members were also present, it was observed that several issues related to the offspring were not cleared. No concrete decision was maintained. He said.

We have been raising the issue of offspring in the greater interest of the indigenous tribal people of state. We do not favour any individual interest but work for the larger interest of the indigenous people and AAPSU will continue to do so. Bagang said.

The draft has several loopholes and it does not seem the present draft prepared would serve the purpose and we outright reject it. Said Bagang.

Scheduled Tribes certificates should only be given to the indigeniour scheduled tribal people and not to others while the process and system given in the draft is not clear and mention that ‘ the way of life ‘ can also be a method. Which is totally unacceptable and we reject it in any way in the present form. He said.

However the AAPSU team has been asked for two more weeks time and during the period the AAPSU is also constituting a separate committee with professor from RGU, social workers, bureaucrat, technocrats, legal expert, community leader and others and opinion form them will put in the said draft and we will also present on the next meeting of the said committee. Said Hawa Bagang.

We have rejected the said draft and we will never support such a proposal wherein the protection of tribal rights of indigenous people are not clear and absolute. It seems that the said draft was not in the interest of the indigenous people of the state. We will always stand for the rights of the tribal community of the state. He also appeals to all those who have been enjoying the ST certificate for various purposes to surrender it.

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