Administrative boundary should not be barrier for peace, progress of Assam-Arunachal: NES President Bengia Tolum

GOHPUR, MAY 7 ; The culture and literature has no boundary between any human being and it will always help each other in uniting the heart to heart and people to people. The boundary between Arunachal Pradesh and Assam is a political boundary and the administrative boundary should not be a barrier. Said Nyishi Elite Society (NES) President Bengia Tolum said at Assam-Arunachal moitree sanmilan.

Administrative boundary should not be barrier for peace, progress of Assam-Arunachal: NES President Bengia Tolum

We need to unite and by maintaining the communal harmony and brotherhood for peace, progress and development of both state, most of the activities are almost same as Arunachal and Assam was same few decades back only after the Arunachal was bifurcated from the Assam and we treat the Assam as our big brother and they have to reciprocated us in same way or else there may be some difference and such programme will naturally paved way to clear all the disputed and any confusions among the people of both state. he said.

Both the state governments are carrying its activities for solution of the one of the boundary issue between Arunachal-Assam and we should not be in any way create any hurdles in their works but to understand the process clearly bow ever till  such time the district administration and forest department from both side should not carry out any eviction activities which may created confusion and disputes among the people. He said.

There is no dispute among the people living on both sides of Assam-Arunachal Pradesh but the political boundary is only there which may be a mental boundary, but we all are the same and living like big brother and younger brother from generation sharing the culture, tradition and economically and shall continue to live in. 

He  appeal all section of society to leave away any pity difference if have which arise earlier and also for future if any dispute arise and a local area border coordination committee for North Lakhimpur, Biswanatb and Sonitpur district of Assam and Kamle, Papum Pare and Pakke kessang district of Arunachal Pradesh respectively will be constituted in the month of June at Itanagar which shall play a major role in solving all pity differences, disputes and confusion and also extend help to each others.  The committee members shall be derived from all ethnic groups of all three districts of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh respectively. The committee always works for strengthening of the aged old relation and cultural ties between both sister states of the region. Tolum added.

Asam Sahitya Sabha Vice President Mrinalini Devi in her address said that it is  a great occasion and scun occasion will create lots of understanding among the people living on both sides of the boundary. Such programmes also pave the way for exchange of culture and unite all of us for peace and prosperity of various tribes of state and region. 

She expresses her happiness in organizing such a programme which will also review the relationship of all the tribes residing on both sides of the boundary. This will also promote cultural harmony and we as responsible citizens have to promote asom sahitya sabha with NES and reorganize the people for peace, progress and development. 

Sonitpur MP Pallab Lochan hopes such a meeting will bring much cooperation and mutual understanding for better living. We should also understand the political leadership and Prime Minister Narendra Modi is focusing on the fact that if the NE develops then the country will develop and we should all work together for the development of the NE region.  He said.

The visitors and tourists who come to NE should visit Assam and Arunachal and it will also connect the people. We are brothers and all issues between us will also be resolved and the cultural activities are equally important and such activities will enhance our relationship within one year and will develop equally at par with other states of region and country. The chief ministers of both Arunachal and Assam are working on the boundary issue and hope it is resolved and the work on the subject has already been started. MP Lochan added.

Asom sahitya sabha, Biswanath district President Golap Bora, lawmakers from Assam Utpal Bora, Padma Hazarika, Promod Barthakur, Amio Bhuyan and lawmakers from Arunachal Pradesh Biyuram Wahge, Tana Hali Tara, Tarin Dakpe, NES General Secretary Heri Maring among other address the gathering and share their experiences and spoke on peace, progress, development and communal harmony.  

ZPC of Kamle Biri Santi Nido, Pakkesang ZPC Menyang Wage, ZPM of Balijan, Taraso, Banderdewa and others PRI Leaders from Arunachal side, HoDs of Papum Pare district, Biswanath district and local officers of Balijan, Gohpur were also president. 

Several eminent personality and organisation were present on the occasion which include ANYA President Byabang Joram, General Secretary Dr. Bengia Tada, NES Vice president Tarh Tabin, Dr. Nabam Naka Hina, Dr, N T Rikam, Dr, Kapu Sopin,Kara Taj, leaders of local units of Asom Sahitya sabha, Bodo students union, local leaders of Papum Pare district and Biswanath district were present on the occasion. 

Several cultural activities were performed by several teams of Nyishi, Assamese, Gorkah, tea tribe, mishing and others which mesmerized the huge gathering. Several Arunachalee artists performed assumes and other tribes and dances which was a unique performance and everyone liked the performances and all lauded the performances which show the exemplary cultural exchange between Arunachal Pradesh and Assam. 

Manoj Singh

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