Another under construction bridge collapsed on Hoj-Nichipu road

ITANAGAR, SEPT 11 : A huge under-construction bridge on Hoj-Nichipu road between Hoj-Kheel at Mepsoro in Toru circle in Sagalee sub-division collapsed on Saturday morning. the earlier under construction bridge which collapsed in Tari in Kra Daadi district.

The bridge collapsed at around 11.15 AM on Saturday morning but as per sources no causality or injury to any person has been reported. Informed Papum Pare SP Dr. Ndeelam Nega.

The bridge collapsed but fell on its own alignment and due to which no traffic movements had been affected. said SP, Nega.

The sources said that a technical snap which was witnessed a few days ago and since then there was an expectation that the bridge may collapse and some management was in progress to make a hold of the bridge and could not fall but it collapsed.

Another source said that the work was in full progress and on August 31 a technical default was announced during the launching by officials. The technical officials from the agency prepared drawing and design and had already inspected the bridge and had suggested various ways and means but before something could be done everything got damaged. The sources added

It is a matter of great concern and a matter of discussion among the general masses that several standing and under-construction bridges have collapsed and been damaged in the financial year 2020-21.

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