ANSU 12 hours capital band: Bamang Felix and Nyato Dukam appeal to call off the bandh

ITANAGAR, Dec 26: As the meeting with All Nyishi Students’ Union (ANSU) to go ahead with the 12 hours capital bandh on 27 December relating to the Arunachal Pradesh Public Service Commission (APPSC) paper leakage case, the home minister Bamang Felix on Monday appealed to them to call of the bandh call. He clarified that the state government has already taken up the 13 points charter of demands placed by the union.

Addressing a press conference at Media center at AP Civil Secretariat the government spokesman and Home Minister Bamang Felix alongwith spokesman and APB&OCWWB Chairman Nyato Dukam address the media fraternity with regards to the update and action taken so far on the case of APPSC paper leakage case. He also updated the government action and several orders and provisions of the government to clean the APPSC and revamping of the commission right from top to bottom.

The development between state government and ANSU comes after the organization met the minister so that what could be done for the greater interest of the aggrieved aspirants. Said Minister Bamang Felix.

Despite the government having  handed over the three member committee’s report to the union, however, ANSU expressed their dissatisfaction with the outcome of the meeting decided to go ahead with the 12 hours bandh.

When the government is taking cognizance of the paper leakage issue very seriously by initiating departmental enquiry and endorsing SIC and later to CBI into the same matter and now also Departmental enquiry (DE) which would lead to disciplinary action by various department, calling bandh call is not justified, said Felix.

Informing to deal with the paper leakage fiasco that affects the entire population of the state, Felix said, the government is ensuring free and fair investigation and no officer involved in the paper leakage issue would be spared. To mitigate the practices of corruption the government had also already invoked a ‘Prevention of Corruption Act’, he added.

“There is a certain procedure for the government to take any decision, therefore, I on behalf of the government appealed to ANSU and citizens of the state to wait till the investigation is not complete,” appealed Felix.

Informing so far, state government convened four time consecutive cabinet meeting and decided to fast track the ongoing investigation by SIC and CBI, written a letter to high court for designated court exclusively to deal with the paper leak issues, to implement ‘Whistleblower Act’ in the state, to introduce grievance cell the AAPSC for smooth redress of grievance of candidate though UPSC and a request being send,  he further said that against 27 government official out of 34 arrested people in connection with the same matter, departmental enquiry will be conducted and accordingly action would be initiated.

While expressing his serious concern, the Home Minister said that “ it is not just a mistake or a blunder but it is a blatant attack on our trust and confidence in the system which shapes our future”, the few handful of selfish and mindless people has played with our emotion and ruined the lives of thousand of youths of state, we will never tolerate and no one will be speared. Felix said.

He appealed to the students community to wait as the system is working and everything is being streamlined and it would take time as the investigation process is on so calling bandh would not be fit. The Home Minister added.

Spokesman Dukam also shared his serious concern on the way the paper leakage has been damaging the emotion and had made a bad image of the people and state. 

It is to mention that the 1st case was registered by Capital police at ITanagar police station on September 10 for of APPSC AE (Civil) Mains paper leakage, the case was transferred to SIC on September 26 and invokes prevention of corruption Act (PCA) and CBI is also investigating the case since  as CBI takes over the case on October 26. 

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