Arunachal Shines at 17th All India Independence Cup International Karate Championship

New Delhi, August 14: The Arunachal Pradesh Amateur Karate-Do Association (APAKA) made a resounding impact at the recently concluded 17th All India Independence Cup International Karate Championship held at Tolkatora Stadium in New Delhi. The talented athletes from Arunachal Pradesh exhibited exceptional skill, determination, and sportsmanship, bringing home a slew of medals that have solidified their reputation as karate powerhouses.

Miss Lipin Ete emerged as a double gold medalist, sweeping the competition in both the Junior and Senior Female Kata categories. Her flawless execution and dedication to the art of karate set a shining example for aspiring athletes.

In the Senior Female -55 kg Kumite division, Miss Veronica Padung exhibited remarkable technique, earning herself a well-deserved Gold Medal. Her victory showcased the high level of training and preparation put forth by the APAKA team.

The male contingent of the APAKA team also demonstrated their supremacy on the mat. Mr. Bili Lombi dominated the Senior Male -84kg Kumite category, claiming the top spot on the podium. His formidable presence and skillful maneuvers left a lasting impression.

In the Senior Male -50kg Kumite division, it was Mr. Laa Tara who secured the Gold Medal for Arunachal Pradesh. His agility, precision, and determination were evident throughout the tournament.

The championship’s integrity was upheld by the able guidance of Mr. Choma Doka, who served as the Referee, ensuring fair and unbiased judging for all the matches.

A crucial factor behind the team’s success was the expertise of Mr. Ajay Chetri, the dedicated team coach, whose strategic guidance undoubtedly contributed to the impressive medal tally.

Assisting the coach and ensuring the team’s readiness was Mr. Yarda Tadap, the Assistant Coach, whose commitment and support were instrumental in the team’s preparation.

The remarkable achievements of the APAKA team highlight not only their individual talents but also the collective strength of Arunachal Pradesh in the world of karate. Their success serves as an inspiration for the entire state and reinforces the importance of sports development at the grassroots level.

The Arunachal Pradesh Amateur Karate-Do Association, under the leadership of General Secretary John Bagang, is committed to nurturing future karate champions and promoting the spirit of sportsmanship in the region.

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