Assam Rifles Celebrates “A Day with Coy Cdr” with School Children of Rangfrah Vidhyaniketan School, Yongchick

Assam Rifles, in a commendable initiative to inspire and motivate school-going children, organized a special event called “A Day with Coy Cdr” at Yongchick COB. The event, held at the Company Operating Base, aimed to provide an enriching experience for the students of Rangfrah Vidhyaniketan School and promote the importance of education and discipline.

A total of 48 enthusiastic school children, ranging from Class III to Class VIII, accompanied by eight teachers and parents from various villages in Yongchick, participated in the event. The day commenced with a warm reception and light refreshments, followed by an engaging talk on Assam Rifles, SFs (Security Forces), entry schemes, the significance of NCC (National Cadet Corps), and information regarding esteemed feeder institutes like RIMC (Rashtriya Indian Military College) and Sainik School, including coaching details.

To make the event more exciting, the organizers arranged various games and obstacle-crossing activities for the children, fostering team spirit and resilience. The participants showcased their skills and enjoyed the friendly competitions, which were followed by a delightful lunch. The grand finale of the event featured an inspiring speech by the Company Commander, who motivated the young minds and presented prizes to the winners of the games.

Expressing their gratitude, the teachers, parents, and the village head extended their heartfelt thanks to Assam Rifles for organizing such a memorable event at their Company Operating Base. They appreciated the efforts made to provide an enriching experience for the children and acknowledged the positive impact it would have on their lives. As a token of appreciation and remembrance, all the children were bid farewell with exciting souvenirs on behalf of Assam Rifles.

The “A Day with Coy Cdr” event successfully achieved its objective of motivating and inspiring the young students of Rangfrah Vidhyaniketan School. Assam Rifles has once again demonstrated its commitment to fostering positive community relationships and contributing to the holistic development of the region’s youth.

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