Assam Rifles Hosts TCL Inter District Badminton Tournament to Cultivate Young Talent

In a bid to nurture budding badminton talents and encourage sportsmanship among the youth, the Assam Rifles has kicked off the TCL Inter District Badminton Tournament. The event aims to identify promising players who will represent Arunachal Pradesh in the upcoming State Level Badminton Competition in 2023-24.

The tournament, taking place at the Officers Badminton Complex in Changlang, is set to run from August 31st to September 8th, 2023. This competition features Boys Singles and Girls Singles categories, with participants aged between 12 to 14 and 14 to 16.

A remarkable total of 33 young boys and 34 girls, falling within the age group of 12 to 16, are enthusiastically participating in the event. These competitors were meticulously chosen from a pool of 225 boys and 172 girls hailing from three distinct districts.

The Assam Rifles’ commitment to promoting sports and fostering unity has garnered praise from both spectators and participants. Through initiatives like the TCL Inter District Badminton Tournament, the organization is successfully instilling the values of teamwork, discipline, and a strong sportsman spirit within the youth of the nation.

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