Assam Rifles Orchestrates Harmonious Celebration in Pongchau

Pongchau, 28 Dec: Pongchau, the circle HQ in Longding District, witnessed a spirited musical evening organized by the Longding Bn Assam Rifles. The event, held on December 28, seamlessly blended the joy of the Christmas season with a heartfelt tribute to fallen heroes, particularly honoring Late Rfn Khampai Wangsu.

Late Rfn Khampai Wangsu, a valiant soldier born in Pongchau, made the ultimate sacrifice on 22 Jan 2017. In a touching gesture, Assam Rifles renovated his memorial, featuring a brick wall structure, tiling, plastering, and high-quality painting. The memorial now stands as a lasting tribute to his dedication and service, with his name etched on the front top wall.

The highlight of the evening was the captivating performance by the Jazz Band of Assam Rifles, known as Ghatak Beats. The lively tunes reverberated through Pongchau as enthusiastic youth joined in, making it a memorable celebration. The felicitation of Mrs. Seesa Wangsa, the widow of Late Rfn Khampai Wangsu, marked the beginning of the event, adding a poignant touch to the festive atmosphere.

Government officials, community leaders, and youth from Pongchau and neighboring villages gathered in large numbers to partake in the celebration. The crowd expressed heartfelt appreciation for Assam Rifles’ unique initiative, applauding the organization’s role in not only contributing to the festive mood but also honoring the sacrifices of fallen heroes.

Coy Cdr Pongchau, while extending New Year wishes, reassured the community of Assam Rifles’ commitment as “Friends of Wancho People.” He urged the youth to consider joining the armed forces, emphasizing the importance of paying tribute to fallen heroes and carrying forward their legacy.

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