Assam Rifles Organizes Pre-Entrance Exam for Sainik School in Changlang

Changlang: Assam Rifles successfully organized a pre-entrance exam for Sainik School at the Presbyterian Mission School. The purpose of the exam was to identify potential students who have the ability to qualify for the Sainik School Entrance Exam.

With the objective of shortlisting promising candidates, the Assam Rifles took the initiative to guide and prepare students for the challenging Sainik School Entrance Exam. This included providing guidance and conducting mock test exams to familiarize the students with the exam pattern and prepare them for success.

The pre-entrance exam witnessed enthusiastic participation from all the students. A total of 17 students actively contested in the exam, displaying their determination and dedication towards securing admission to the prestigious Sainik School. The efforts undertaken by the Assam Rifles were highly appreciated by the students, who recognized the significance of the assistance provided to them.

The Assam Rifles’ initiative in organizing the pre-entrance exam not only serves as a platform for students to showcase their abilities but also demonstrates their commitment to identifying and nurturing talented individuals. By conducting such exams, the Assam Rifles aims to create a path of success for the aspiring students, offering them guidance and support in their pursuit of admission to Sainik School.

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