ASYDSU writes letter to Rijiju for early rescue of Tapor Pullom

NAHARLAGUN: After the family of Tapor Pullom claimed that Pullom was “abducted” by the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) of China in 2015, now the All Shi-Yomi District Students’ Union (ASYDSU) has written to Union Law and Justice Minister Kiren Rijiju seeking his intervention for the early rescue of the man from Arunachal Pradesh’s Shi-Yomi district.

ASYDSU said Tapor Pullom was abducted from Tali Bogeh pass, LAC near Monigong in Shi-Yomi district by the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) of China in August 2015.

Seeking his prompt intervention to rescue Tapor Pullom, son of Durje Pullom, ASYDSU in the letter said he was abducted from Tali Bogeh pass while he was out “for hunting and gathering medicinal herbs”.

“It has come to our knowledge that neither the administration nor Indian Army has taken heed of the matter yet,” the letter said.

“Since it is an international rescue issue, only the central government has the authority and has such power as provided under the Union list of 7th Schedule Constitution of India to address such affairs,” the students’ organization said.

The matter of Tapor Pullom’s alleged abduction by the Chinese army is making headlines after his family has raised the issue following the prompt rescue of Miram Taron.

Miram Taron, 17, who was allegedly abducted by the Chinese army on January 18 from Lungta Jor area near the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in Arunachal Pradesh’s Upper Siang district, was handed over to the Indian Army on January 27 at the Wacha-Damai intern-action point at at Kibithu in Anjaw district. He reached his home in Upper Siang district on January 31, 2022.

Referring to Miram’s case, ASYDSU in the letter said the recent rescue of Miram Taron has “sparked a ray of hope for the aggrieved family and his relatives’ ‘, who have been longing for him for the past 7 years.

Requesting Rijiju to take initiative in the rescue of Tapor Pullom, the All Shi-Yomi District Students’ Union said “we like to lay our faith on you and hope” that “your kind effort will fruitfully bring him back early to our village” like the recent rescue case of Miram Taron.

The students’ organization has urged Union Minister Rijiju, who represents Arunachal West, to consider the matter and take prompt action.

While talking to Arunachal Front, Amoni Diru Pullom, daughter-in-law of Tapor Pullom, on Wednesday claimed that in the third week of August 2015, Pullom along with his friend Taka Yorchi had gone on a hunting expedition near the LAC in Monigong area of Shi-Yomi district. Pullom was supposed to return by August 21 but never turned up. She said Yorchi returned on September 15 and revealed that the Chinese army had picked up Pullom as he was moving ahead. Yorchi said that the “abductors” were Chinese fatigues, Amoni claimed.

Diru said the incident took place in Indian territory near the Tagi Bogo pass on the other side of China. 

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