Bailey bridge at Modirijo damaged, local appeal for immediate repairing and restoration

ITANAGAR, AUGUST 9 : The bailey suspension bridge at Mordirijo has been damaged and one portion of the bridge is at the verge of collapse. The locals resident of Modirijo has appealed to the PWD capital Division A and capital administration for immediate repairing and restoration of the said bridge for proper connectivity of thousands of people living in the vicinity.

The local reports that the bridge was constructed a few years back by the PWD Capital Division A and after that there was no repairing and maintenance, due to flash flood in year 2019 and 2000 the wing wall of the bridge was severely dammed and after it there was no maintenance.

Kipa Mangal, a local youth leader, informs that the local residents of Modirijo did some repairs through social service on several occasions but it could not support the bridge for long lasting. He said. The heavy loaded truck coming to the village carrying building materials has also been damaged and now the bridge in a very dangerous position and any accident may take place at any point of time. said Mangal.

He appealed to the PWD and capital administration to immediately repair the bridge for the convenience of the locals and to provide proper connectivity to the local residents of the Modirijo village.

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