Bamin Siri given away with warm reception on his arrival at Ziro

ITANAGAR, JULY 30 : The Ziro poultry Cooperative farmers Society Ltd. Lower Subansiri district, Chairman Bamin siri on Sunday has given with warm resection and grand welcome by several dignitaries, eminent personalities and public leaders on his arrival at Ziro. 

Bamin siri who has been awarded Diamond  of Asia International Award by former Deputy Prime Minister of Thailand, Korn Dabbaransi on 23rd July 2023 at Bangkok. . 

He was received by host of dignitaries which include Lower Subansiri deputy commissioner Bamin Nime, DRCS Nicklen Lego, District Cooperative Union  Chairman Likha Kamin, Cooperators from various cooperative societies of Lower Subansiri district, ZPM(Diibo) Bamin Gumbo, family members, well-wishers and friends.

Earlier the Chief Minister office (CMO) in a social media post has appreciated and lauded the renowned Apatani entrepreneur who has been awarded at Thailand for his achievement. 

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