BJP state convener Library deptt Porchu Tamin appeals the parents to inculcate their wards for reading habits among the youths an students

ITANAGAR, SEPT 22 : The BJP state convener for library Porchu Tamin on Friday has appeal the general public specially the parents to motivate the children, students and youths to inculcate them for reading habits.

Tamin said that I have been painted as state convener of library and since then I find that the newly established BJP headquarter find a special place for the library which has more than 4000 books as of now. Recently a lot of another 200 books have arrived. Apart of books there are journals of various subject and issues related to development, health science, medicine, hyena, science & technology, media and public relation, governance and government and public administration. He said.

Books related to history of country, geography setup, India independence and freedom fighters, important scholars and philosophers, scientism and leaders of their time and repute. Books related with various government in country in power, BJP party activities, leaders who are regards as father of democracy and good governance and party with difference and other have also place in the library.  He said.

It should be always habits of reading among the young children so that they can remember what they read and write  Reading habits has been decrease among the children’s and students due to emergence of mobile but also reading habits make man perfect and what we read through books written by eminent scholars and authors will not find place in mobile and we gradually forget some important works and history of our forefather and freedom fighters. Added BJP convenor Tamin.

Apart of party leaders and karyakartas can attend the library during office hours take the befit of thousands of library books kept there and also read several current affair magazine, newspaper and other important periodic journals and also become regular subscriber. He added. 

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