BRO regretted for the mistake committed in the Kimin fiasco

ITANAGAR, JULY 19 ; The Border Road Organisation (BRO) has regretted the mistake committed in Kimin during the inauguration of Kimin-Potin road on June 17. The BRO has ordered an inquiry into the Kimin fiasco. Three senior officers of BRO have been transferred to pave free and fair investigation. Informed Home Minister Bamang Felix.

Home Minister Bamang Felix was addressing the media here at Media centre at AP Civil Secretariat today afternoon said that the BRO has regretted for the mistake of the unfortunate incident which was committed at Kimin in Papum Pare district a month ago and due to which there which has hurt the sentiment, criticism among the people of Kimin area and state as a whole.    

The BRO is a premier construction agency under the ministry of defence that has been unceasingly working for the infrastructural development of the border areas for the last five decades. He said.

The unfortunate incident of Kimin being shown as Bilgarh Assam has drawn lots of sentiment among the people. In order to get into the root of the issue the state govt has constituted a high level committee with Home Minister as Chairman, Education Minister Taba Tedir, Advisor Home Nyamar Karbak, others which include Principal Secretary Home, DGP RP Upadhyaya, DC (West) and IGP (LO) Chukhu Apa as Members. The high level committee visited Kimin on June 29 and interacted with all the stakeholders which include the general public, public representatives, BRO, ITBP and officers. He said.

The high power committee in their findings clearly pointed to few officers of the BRO to be entirely responsible for the blunder. The High power committee submitted to the government. He said.

Alongside the apex organization of all the community based organization ie. Arunachal indigenous tribes forum (AITF) has also constituted a fact finding committee and they visited and interacted with all stakeholders and came out with the following recommendation. This includes the BRO officers solely responsible for the entire incident and disciplinary action against officer concern may be initiated. While taking into account the recommendation of the High level committee and fact finding committee a meeting was taken today with Lt General Rajiv Choudary, Director General BRO with secretary to CM in presence of Chief Secretary and Principal Secretary Home at Itanagar today. The director General was briefed of the incident and findings of the high power committee and fact finding committee. He said.

The DG, BRO thanked the state govt for initiating to resolve the incident and regretted for erroneously showing Kimin as part of Assam. He stated that the Kimin has always been part of Arunachal and will remain so. After a detailed deliberation it was agreed upon at the meeting today that the BRO will initiate enquiry on the entire episode and fix responsibility. The enquiry will be concluded at the earliest without delay. Based upon the finding on the enquiry suitable action will be taken, in order to ensure fair enquiry concern officer and officials will be transferred and as of now three senior officers from BRO posited in Arunachal Pradesh have been transferred. The explosive materials deposited at Kimin township will be shifted to a safer place from the Kimin township. The Home Minister said.

The Home Minister has requested the fellow citizens of Arunachal Pradesh and people of Kimin in particular to conclude the issue here  all the matter raised are being taken care off.  he thank all section of society include the AITF, students, CBOs, NGO, youths and civil society for resolving the vexed issue. He also thanked all for visiting the Kimin that they took lots of pain and interacted with the locals so that the resolution immediately arrived. He said.

He thanks the people of the Kimin specially the elected leaders, youth leaders and others and has also met them and thanks or patiently waiting for the action. Home Minister Felix said.

The government is also aware of the FIR filed by various organizations at Kimin Police station. He said that the matter is almost in resolve and DGBR has expressed his regret on the incident caused by the down the line officers on the vexed issue.  The DG BRO also assured that such incidents will never be repeated again. He said.

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