Capital admin imposed CrPc 144 (Curfew) across the capital till May 31

ITANAGAR, May 17: The Itanagar Capital Complex (ICC) administration has imposed a curfew till May 31 with immediate effect following huge movement of people and vehicles in the market areas today.

As per the new order, permits issued to few identified shops in sectors and colonies to function in the Capital Complex also stands cancelled with immediate effect.

Addressing the media person here today afternoon, ICC deputy commissioner Talo Potom said that many people misunderstood the order issued as containment measures for the entire state and order for lockdown in the Capital Complex following which many came out to the streets today and shops were also opened.

Though the DC attributed today’s scenario to the confusion among the public over the multiple Covid-19 containment orders, he, however, expressed concern over masses not understanding the gravity of the pandemic situation and venturing out of their homes for no reason.

The DC said that some shops in sectors and colonies in the Capital Complex were issued permits to open for the convenience of the public but now it has to be also cancelled because it is defeating the containment efforts of the frontline workers and the administration.

He informed that no person is allowed to venture out, and no shops or other commercial establishments are allowed to open, except the exempted ones. Those violating the order will be prosecuted under IPC section 188, and can be put behind bars up to four months, the DC added.

Meanwhile, the DC has also appealed to those exempted from the purview of the curfew and lockdown order till May 31, to not come out if not on duty.

Acknowledging that many exempted officials and individuals are also coming out without any duty assigned to them, the DC informed that strict checking will be conducted at all nakas set up across the Capital Complex. Each nakas will also be provided with magistrates on duty to ensure that exemption to few is not misused, he added.

The DC has further appealed to all to not come out of their homes even in the name of daily morning and evening walks, and to cooperate with the district administration and frontline workers for their own safety.

Stressing on the seriousness of the situation following detection of a highly contagious variant of the Corona virus in the state, the DC appealed everyone to stay home and avail home delivery services for essential commodities.

Informing that enough home delivery services have been identified and are functioning, the DC informed that only those home delivery services staff are allowed to function who have tested Covid-19 negative.

Regarding any rate related complaints, Covid-19 related assistance or for pass to travel, one can call the 24×7 Covid Control helpdesk number +94-936-281-3608 or send email at [email protected], the DC added.

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