Capital admin is highly requested to maintain social distancing and other SoP

ITANAGAR, JULY 8 : The locals denizens of the capital complex have appealed to the capital administration to maintain the SoP and other guidelines as a safety measure and to fight against the Covid 19 pandemic in later and spirit.

The local shows their serious concern on the way that tambola and houses are being played on several places and on several occasion and at the 12th hour the administration and police has to interfere to disperse the huge crown as witnessed in the recent past and is a best example for the eye openers and the administration and state government. The local said.

The pandemic is not over and we are passing through the second wave of the Covid 19 pandemic and in view of the rising trend of the covid 19 positive cases and death rate in state especially in capital complex it is necessary that the capital administration and health department should take a strong measure to contain the rapid infection of the corona virus in the capital region. The locals observe.

It is a glaring example that we have already suffered a lot in view of the loss of more than 180 precious lives during the pandemic in 2020 and 2021 only in the name of Covid 19 related death. The infection rate in capital is also increasing on daily basis is a very serious issue and everyone has to rethink or else day by day we are observing that the capital administration is declaring containment zone and in the pace of time most of the places may come under containment zone and it would be similar to the lockdown. The medical fraternity attending the RAT in several locations was informed.

Though all types of activities has been opened including the offices and business establishment are functioning normally except the educational institution are functioning through online mode or else it is a alarming trend to go to another lockdown or else we have to rethink and create awareness among our near and dear one and guide our childrens and family members to maintain all the SoP wherever they go either at school, college, offices, market places and busy area.

The locals allege that there has been a huge rush in all the towns of capital complex including in Itanagar, Naharlagun and Nirjuli market area every early morning wherein hundreds of labourers and workers community gathered to get daily work but without following any SoP is another threat in containment of spread of Covid 19 cases and the capital administration has to rise from their daily and normal routine works and start with some strong steps so that we may not face any third wave and stay safe from further spread of Coronavirus in capital complex.

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