Capital SP Jimmy Chiram appealed citizens to support and cooperate with the extended curfew

ITANAGAR, Jul 22: The capital police on Sunday started implementing the new containment measures in the Itanagar capital region. As per this measure the shops and offices will close at 1.30 PM and curfew will start from 3 PM to 5 AM. On the first day, SP Capital Jimmy Chiram himself was personally monitoring the implementation of new measures on the ground.

Talking to the press he said the majority of people are supportive of the new containment measures. “We will strictly implement the curfew. Unless there are serious medical emergencies people should not come out of the house,” he said. The new containment measures have been implemented following a drastic rise in the number of Covid 19 cases in the ICR.

Meanwhile Itanagar OC Phasang Simi has warned those who have no relation to Covid management and emergency services that pasting the stagger of ‘Covid on duty’ in their vehicle to harass the police on duty will be taken seriously. We have no objection to anyone especially the medical fraternity and all those who are excepted from the preview of the curfew. We will always support all frontline workers and covid 19 warrior for the tireless service to the humanity.  OC said.

We are on duty to serve the people and appeal to all sections of society to cooperate and support the medical fraternity, police on duty and administration in fight against the spread of Covid 19 and break the chain. OC added. 

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