Child Molestor caught by vigilant uncle, POCSO case registered at WPS Itanagar, alleged accused arrested

Naharlagun, Nov 24: One Child Molestor caught by vigilant uncle, POCSO case registered at Women Police Station (WPS) Itanagar and alleged accused arrested by police. 

As per information by police, On 22/11/22 at around 1:30 pm, an unknown man stopped a 16 year old girl near Sangey Laden area and showed a knife. Further, the man was drunk and dragged her when she did not cooperate. However, she bravely stood up and escaped from there. The drunk man warned her of dire consequences if she told anyone. However, showing courage she immediately informed an uncle of her ordeal. 

The uncle immediately reached the area and later tracked down the unknown man. He along with the public apprehended him and brought him to Chimpu PS. A complaint was also submitted. Thus, through proactive action of the public, an alleged child molester was nabbed. Police informed. 

Accordingly, Women Police Station, Itanagar registered case no. 147/22 , U/S 341/354/505 IPC, R/W section 8 POCSO act. The alleged accused was later identified as Bagram Tasam@ Nesang, 35 yrs, from Jullang area and arrested by team WPS. He had proposed to her in the inebriated condition and also wrote down his number in her copy. 

WPS has already examined the victim and  recorded her statement, the investigation is being finalized on priority. Capital police appreciate the efforts made by the public in apprehending the accused at the earliest.

Crime against children is very serious and Capital police endeavors to be ever vigilant about them.

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