CM Khandu & BJP chief Wahge Condemn Manipur Incident, Demand Strong Action Against Wrongdoers

ITANAGAR, JULY 23: Chief Minister of Arunachal Pradesh, Pema Khandu, and BJP President Biyuram Wahge have strongly condemned the recent incident in Manipur and have called for decisive action against the wrongdoers involved. The incident, where two women were paraded naked, has sparked outrage and concern among the leaders.

Addressing a gathering of BJP karyakartas at the Ravi Shankar Ashram conference hall in Jullang, Chief Minister Pema Khandu expressed his deep sorrow over the unfortunate event in Manipur. He emphasized the need for peace and tranquility in the region and urged for a quick return to normalcy. Highlighting the close relationship between Arunachal Pradesh and Manipur as sister states, he asserted that the law and order situation in Manipur is a matter of concern for his state as well.

Chief Minister Khandu assured that appropriate action has been taken, with some individuals allegedly involved already under arrest. He stressed the importance of strong punishment for those responsible for the heinous crime, sending a clear message that such acts will not be tolerated in society.

The Manipur incident has been highly condemned by the Chief Minister, who emphasized that the law will take its course to ensure justice is served. He further expressed his desire for peace to prevail in Manipur and for an end to the violence that has erupted.

Joining the Chief Minister in expressing his concern, BJP President Biyuram Wahge also condemned the serious law and order issues prevailing in Manipur. In a media interaction, he asserted that the problems faced by both communities in Manipur must be resolved, and peace must be restored.

The incident in Manipur has led to widespread outrage and calls for justice. The leaders’ strong condemnation signifies their commitment to maintaining peace and order in the region and ensuring that the perpetrators face the consequences of their actions.

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