Corporators appealed to the parents to guide their children for a better future

ITANAGAR, JULY 9 ; Itanagar Municipal Corporation (IMC) Corporator Yukar Yaro and Taz Gyamar have appealed to the parents to guide and take care of their wards for a better future to serve the society for all round development of state and country.

Both Yaro and Taz who attended the awareness programme at community level in the city. They also address the local gathering following the strict guidelines of the Covid 19 protocol at Gandhi Market area.

Corporator Yaro in her address informed that it is a matter of great concern that our children who are our torch bearers in future are involved in drug cases, indulging in bad habits of using tobacco products. The tobacco products are slowly damaging the health as well as young life and slowly it is also affecting the economic condition of the poor parents who are doing their hard labour for their children’s future. She said.

It is also disheartening to know that several security personnel have also been found in such cases and urge upon the police administration and state government to take strict action against all those security personnels and officials of various departments if found in such cases. There should be a clear-cut action from the police that after the arrest of the persons involved in such cases get punished and do not get bail within a short period and again they may get involved. So to stop a full proof plan needs to be evolved by the department and government right from arrest, recovery and rehabilitation and education and income generation to them. She added.

She also appealed to the government to issue strict directions to stop selling all types of tobacco products in and around educational institutions so that it may give a good signal to the students community.

Corporator Taz Gyamar while lauding the initiative launched by the Home department and police administration for waging war against drugs said that time has come and everyone has to unite to make an end to the drug menace. It is really a matter of great concern that most of the persons arrested by the police are youths and is a bad signal. We have to see that our children right from home during the school days are not involved in such bad habits and do not get addicted to tobacco and later to drugs. We all have to wake up and time has come to take care of our children and youths of state to a right direction and right perspective for all round development of state. Taz added.

Taz further appealed to all such NGOs who are working in the field to mobilize with renewed zeal to curb the menace from the state.

The programme was organized by Tobacco control cell, Itanagar to create awareness among the society from community level on “ harmful effects of tobacco and use of tobacco product”.

Several officials from the Tobacco control programme also addressed the gathering.

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