DC Capital shows serious concern on shortage of cash in ATMs in the capital complex.

ITANAGAR, AUG 31 : The Capital Complex Deputy Commissioner (ICC) Talo Potom has shown a serious concern on repeated shortage of cash in various ATMs located in and around the capital complex and said it is a serious issue and due to which the public has to suffer.

“ In a letter issued on August 30 address to the Chief Manager Lead Bank said that the issue of shortage of cash in ATM has been repeatedly reported from various corner and is a matter of great concern for the city dweller for carrying out transaction of cash specially withdrawal of money from ATM in various parts of capital complex and adjoining areas for several purpose”. A Complaint has also been received to the Deputy Commissioner Office in this regard. DC said.

This problem has been repeated time and again but this time it is for the last two weeks in various locations of Itanagar Capital Complex which is causing immense hardship to the general public. DC Potom said.

He requested the Lead Bank Chief Manager who coordinates various banks to ensure that there is no shortage of cash in any ATMs of Itanagar Capital complex.

It is to mention that this is not the first time but time and again such problems arise and people have no option but to visit banks during the Covid 19 pandemic for several months and years and have to waste precious time.

Few customers allege that the movement has ordered the school to open from Sept 1 after a gap of several months. We have to buy several items which may be required for Chileans but due to non availability of sufficient cash in one ATM we have to go to another and to another ATM wasting precious time in getting our own cash from the ATM. They also allege that the condition of several ATMs can’t be expressed and neither the bank authority repair nor they even maintain the ATM clean and hygiene for the valued customers.

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