DC Talo Potom encourages entrepreneurship and skill development for economic upliftment

ITANAGAR, JAN 18: In a motivational address, Itanagar Capital Complex Deputy Commissioner Talo Potom emphasized the importance of pursuing self-employment and skill development rather than solely relying on government jobs. Speaking at the opening ceremony of GGG Private Security & Job Placement Agency, along with a tailoring and chef training institute, Potom urged citizens to take charge of their economic upliftment.

Potom stated, “Even if securing regular government services seems challenging, individuals can initiate self-employment businesses, becoming employers instead of job seekers. Time is precious, and having skilled personnel is crucial for producing quality results.”

Highlighting the need for a diverse skill set, Potom encouraged everyone to be multitasking and equipped to handle various tasks. He commended initiatives like Riken Lida’s Managing Director, emphasizing the importance of skill development programs. Potom lauded ventures in tailoring, hospitality, security agencies, cooking, and mechanics as avenues for economic sustainability.

He remarked, “The lack of skills poses a challenge despite ample employment opportunities. It’s the right time for better skill training and vocational courses.” Potom urged individuals to embrace the New Education Policy (NEP) that promotes vocational courses, transforming youth into entrepreneurs.

The opening ceremony featured guests of honor, Managing Director Riken Lida and Naharlagun Market Welfare Society Chairman Kipa Nai. All Itanagar Market Welfare Association (AIMWA) Vice President Kipa Nai also shared words of advice, endorsing the significance of skill development in creating employment opportunities and fostering economic growth.

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