Do not to treat Arunachal as a foreign nation, MLA to Assam

BOGOLI, Doimukh MLA cum Advisor to Minister AHV, DD and Fisheries Tana Hali Tara asked the Assam government not to treat Arunachal as a foreign nation.

Replying to news-persons on the sidelines of the inauguration of two health sub-centres at Bogoli and Denka, Tana Hali Tara requested the public of both states to live in peace and brotherhood.

He said that the public of both states wanted to live in peace but the Assam forest department created mis understandings between the peace loving people of both states at intervals.

He said that the Supreme Court should issue an arrest warrant against the Assam Forest Department officials who served eviction notices and violated the status quo order of the court.

He expressed his anguish over the act of the Assam government in spite of several peace moves from the state.

He asked the Assam counterpart not to treat Arunachal as a foreign nation. He called on Assam to think pan India instead of pushing almost every neighbouring state.

Tara and Chukhu Bablu, ZPC, Papum Pare inaugurated the health sub-centres, one each at Bogoli and Denka. The function was attended by All the line departments, Gaon Burahs and the general public.

Addressing the mammoth gathering the MLA called on the public to rededicate themselves to social service. “People have forgotten social service,” he said.

He also advised the public to develop a feeling of ownership towards government properties especially those meant for public welfare. He pointed out that the public of Bogoli and Denka should feel lucky to have a sub-centre each as many villages were waiting for the same till date.

Replying to the memorandum submitted by the GPC, Bogoli Denka panchayat he assured the public to take up the scheme in the next financial year as the current financial year was almost over.

He informed the public that due to the pandemic the state was running short of funds therefore every single penny which was sanctioned for development should be used judiciously.

Addressing the gathering the ZPC Papum Pare Chuku Bablu appealed to the public to support the government for better development activities. He also urged all department officers to work for public welfare.

Earlier Tana Amit Tara, GPC Bogoli Denka panchayat submitted a memorandum to the MLA on behalf of the public

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