“Donyi-Polo” is the best name for Greenfield Hollongi airport: CM Pema Khandu

ITANAGAR, MAY 29 ; “Donyi-Polo” is the best name for Greenfield Hollongi airport said by Arunachal Pradesh chief minister Pema Khandu on Sunday. The renaming for the upcoming Greenfield airport at Hollongi near state capital Itanagar will be Donyi-Polo airport and it is an acceptable name for the state’s first airport coming up for the service of people of state and it would be a historic one. Said Chief Minister Pema Khandu.

CM Khandu was speaking to the media on the occasion of 15th foundation day celebration of multispecialty ‘ Heema Hospital” in the city.  Khandu said Donyi-Polo represent Sun and Moon and since the airport is being constructed in Hollongi area and its in Abo-Tani area there may be no bigger name than to Donyi-Polo. He said.

Sun and moon is known to the world and everybody accepts sun and moon and people of all religions believe Sun & Moon and hope everyone accepts the name. He said.

It is democracy and everyone has the right to appreciate and criticize, but there may be no big name to Donyi-Polo and it is believed since time immemorial, and the state government has already written to the central government of the state government decision. CM said.

Earlier in a letter on May 23rd send to Jyotiraditya M Scindia, Union Minister of Civil Aviation, Government of India, New Delhi the chief Minister Pema Khandu said that “the people of Arunachal Pradesh are eagerly waiting for commissioning of this project on 1, August, 2022. I am writing this with regard to the renaming of the Greenfield Airport”.

”The Greenfield Airport has been described as Hollongi Airport. In official

papers and correspondence which is the name of the Airport site and the name does not reflect the rich culture and heritage of the State. Therefore, being the lone Airport in the State Capital. it would be befitting

to name the Greenfield Airport celebrating the people’s age-old indigenous reverence on the Sun (Donyi, and the Moon (Polo) i.e. .Donyi Polo Airport and requested the minister for consideration on the proposal to narne the airport as •Donyi Polo Airport.”

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