Enhancing ‘Atma Nirbhar Yojana’ with Better Bank Coordination: Itanagar Meeting Review

In an effort to bolster the ‘Atma Nirbhar Yojana’ Programme’s impact on the state’s farmers, a crucial meeting was convened at the Banquet Hall in Itanagar. The meeting, chaired by Er. Tage Taki, Minister (Agri. & Allied), aimed to review the progress of the scheme’s implementation under the Agriculture & Allied Department.

Attended by high-ranking officials, including Gabriel D. Wangsu, Advisor to HM (Agri. & Allied), Bidol Tayeng, IAS, Commissioner (Agri. & AHV), and representatives from various departments, the day-long session addressed the slow pace of implementation during the previous year, 2022-23.

Minister Tage Taki expressed concern over the lackluster progress and urged District Officers and Banks to establish better coordination to expedite the timely sanction and execution of the ‘Atma Nirbhar Yojana’ schemes. Emphasizing the program’s significance, he urged all officials to wholeheartedly contribute to the farmers’ welfare.

During the meeting, district officers highlighted the challenges they faced while working with banks, hindering the smooth execution of the schemes. Responding positively, about 20 Senior Bank Officers from esteemed institutions like SBI, Lead Bank, AP Cooperative Apex Bank Ltd., and AP Rural Bank vowed to address the issues promptly and ensure timely sanctioning of all the schemes.

Furthermore, to streamline the process, a well-defined timeline for the implementation of the ‘Atma Nirbhar Yojana’ Programme for the year 2023-24 was jointly agreed upon. Both district officials and bank officers were urged to adhere strictly to the timeline, aligning with crop seasons and enabling effective implementation within the financial year.

With over 200 officials from Agriculture, Horticulture, Animal Husbandry, and Fishery Departments, this meeting marks a significant step towards enhancing the livelihoods of farmers and fostering economic growth in the state.

The ‘Atma Nirbhar Yojana’ Programme remains a beacon of hope for the farming community, and its successful implementation stands to elevate the income levels of farmers, promoting self-reliance and prosperity in the region. The collaborative efforts of the State Government, District Officers, and Banking Institutions are expected to create a transformative impact on the lives of the farming community in the months to come.

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