Everyone should respect the dignity of labour- Techi Kaso MLA said to street vendors of capital complex

ITANAGAR, NOV 8 : No one should feel shy to work and the everyone should respect the dignity of labour. Said Itanagar MLA Techi Kaso to the street vendors and hawkers of capital complex.

Kaso was addressing the members of Arunachal Pradesh hawkers and street vendors federation (AAPHSVF) on the occasion of 2nd general conference cum awareness programe here at DK state convention centre at IG Park on Wednesday. More than four hundreds street vendors and hawkers has attended the day long awareness programme who participated in the send session and technical session of the AAPHSVF.

Addressing the inaugural ceremony, the Itanagar MLA said that “ we should not feel shame to work in any category but the dignity of labor should be appreciated and respected”. It is  a happy occasion that several hawkers and street vendors are here and they should learn several rules and regulation to be part of market and everyone has right to work and earn. There is a need of proper place called Vending zone where the hawkers and street vendors can sell the vegetables ad other essential goods to the people and earn for their livelihood. Though the state government and district administration need to identity and earmarked   permanent vending zones for the street vendors and hawkers and I will also pursue the matter at the highest level. I shall look forward that I can deliver the good in their favour. Said Kaso.

While congratulating the executive members of the organization, the Itanagar MLA elaborated as how he reached to Arunachal Pradesh legislative assembly and three times as MLA from a part time vendor, PRI leader, market committee members etc. we need to respect each other to get respect and the Itanagar is the state capital and is the mirror of state so we all need to join hands together and work to make the Itanagar capital city a better place to live in. Added MLA Techi Kaso.

Itanagar municipal corporation (IMC) Commissioner Likha Tejji,  National hawkers federation Deputy general secretary Mecanzy Peter Dabre,  ACCSVA president and organizing chairman Bamang Tapin, ACCSVA general secretary cum organizing secretary Tarh Kaha, AAPPHSVF incumbent president Chera Yake among others also adderss the occasion. 

A memorandum was submitted on the occasion to the chief guest for up-liftment of AAPH&SVF which include accommodation of permanent place being allotted for the street vendors and hawkers. Implementation of street vendors (protection of livelihood and regulation of street vending) Act. 2014 in state. Re-allocation of the vending site which was evicted site, notify the vending zone of existing vendors. Implementation of schemes for vendors  for municipality/ nagar panchayat etc. to constituet town vending committee for pasighat municipality.  

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