Four days long trekking expedition at Lal Ane Mountain Peak concluded successfully

Yupia, Four days long trekking expedition from Dec 03 to 6th December at Lal Ane Mountain Peak under Mengio circle concluded successfully. The  34 members team lead by expert mountaineer and Everester  Padmashri  Dr. Anshu Jamsenpa, Tame Bagang and Tagit Sorang was accompanied by Rigio Tabam District  Tourism Officer, Yupia and Yakar Dawe  Circle Officer Yupia, Forest ranger (with staff), Chairman LACRA,GPC Megang Panchayat, PI Mengio, GBs of Tapo village,freelance vlogger Tadi Mra, Tour Operator, Videographers, local villagers of Tapo and kallung village and some volunteer trekkers of Papumpare.

 Majestic  Lal Ane mountain is also known as Lali Ane in local language. It is 3776 meter above sea level and considered the highest mountain peak of Papum Pare District. The Lal Ane mountain range connects Papum Pare from East Kameng. Pakke Kesang  and Kurung Kumey of Arunachal Pradesh

Some of major rivers of  like Pachi, Pacha of East Kameng District, Panior and Parang of Papum Pare and Panyi of Kurung Kumey districts originated from the  heart of this mountain. It plays a significant role in the cultural history of Nyishis inhabitants across this mountain.  

Circle Officer, Yupia Dr. Yakar Dawe  who was also part of the expedition team stated that ‘It is known fact that the mountain connects the hearts and minds of people  of this bordering districts though now an imaginary borderline is been created but history lies in this mountain will always act as a medium to connect us.’

 The trekking expedition was successfully organized by Arunachal Tourism Society in collaboration with District Administration Papumpare to explore the future prospects of Tourism development at Lal Ane peak under the guidance of Pige Ligu , DC Papumpare. 

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