“Friday for Future” Initiative Shows Promising Results in Improving Education

The “Friday for Future” edition, which was launched a year ago following the resumption of offline schooling post-covid-19, has shown promising results in enhancing the education system. Under this project, administrative officers regularly visit schools every Friday to interact with teachers and students. During these visits, they conduct one class on a topic outside the school syllabus or provide career counseling to students.

Recent observations have revealed a concerning trend, indicating that many students in middle sections lack adequate reading skills. Shockingly, only around 10 students out of a class of 10 are able to read fluently. To address this issue and drive a much-needed change, a small yet significant step has been taken.

As part of the initiative, schools have incorporated reading sessions in their daily routines. Every day in the assembly, one student reads a paragraph from any book, followed by five general knowledge questions that are answered by students. Moreover, before the commencement of each class, there is a reading session from the previous class.

The implementation of these reading and quiz activities has not only aimed at improving reading skills but has also proven to enhance student participation and confidence. The addition of these activities to the school curriculum is now mandatory in all schools.

To ensure effective implementation and progress, the administrators have made a request to the SMC and public leaders to conduct surprise visits during assembly sessions and classes. This collective effort involves village communities actively participating in the mission to elevate education standards.

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