Governor of Arunachal Pradesh Visits Taksing as Part of Vibrant Village Programme

Taksing: The Governor of Arunachal Pradesh, Lt. General KT Parnaik (Retd.), visited Taksing in the Upper Subansiri District on September 29, 2023, as part of the Vibrant Village Programme. Taksing, one of the vibrant border villages selected for this initiative, was buzzing with enthusiasm during the Governor’s visit.

Addressing a public meeting, Governor Parnaik highlighted the importance of the Vibrant Village Programme, which aims to provide essential facilities to the first village near the border. He stressed the need for collaboration among the state administration, armed forces, and villagers to make these border villages vibrant. Governor Parnaik also acknowledged the harmonious relations between villagers in Arunachal Pradesh and the armed forces at the border.

A major highlight of the Governor’s speech was his commitment to prioritizing road connectivity for Taksing, which was met with resounding cheers from the villagers. He encouraged them to plan for the future by developing infrastructure, tourist attractions, and community halls, while also striving for self-sufficiency.

Governor Parnaik emphasized that the success of various programs and schemes depends on the active involvement of the people, urging villagers to participate in the developmental process under the Vibrant Village Programme.

In a bid to combat health challenges, the Governor appealed to village leaders and government officials to assist in eradicating tuberculosis, cancer, and drug addiction. He recommended the establishment of village volunteers, particularly women, who can be trained in healthcare, hygiene, and sanitation, with incentives provided by the State Government.

The Governor also encouraged villagers to harness the horticultural and agricultural potential of the area, with surplus produce being sold to armed forces in border areas, benefiting both the armed forces and local villagers economically.

Education and sports were not overlooked, with Governor Parnaik stressing the importance of child education and wholesome upbringing. He expressed hope that educational infrastructure in Taksing would improve rapidly under the Vibrant Village Programme.

The visit included interactions with district department heads, emphasizing the need to ensure that the program’s benefits reach every individual in the community.

Governor Parnaik arrived in Taksing on foot and engaged with self-help groups, making contributions to support their initiatives. He also visited the Government Upper Primary School, Taksing, and interacted with students and teachers, expressing optimism about educational improvements in the village.

Upon his arrival at Taksing, the Governor was warmly received by local officials and began his visit by paying respects at the Ogen Dodroll Choeling Monastery, near Taksing Village. The visit showcased the government’s commitment to uplifting border villages through the Vibrant Village Programme, aiming to enhance the lives of residents and promote holistic development.

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