Hali appeals to all the farmers community to get their livestock vaccinated for good health and income

Hali appeals to all the farmers community to get their livestock vaccinated for good health and income

DOIMUKH, APRIL 22 : The Advisor to government on Animal Husbandry, Veterinary & Dairy Development (AHV &DD) and Doimukh local MLA Tana Hali Tara today appealed to the farmers community to get their livestock vaccinated for good health and sustainable development.

Hali was addressing the animals farmers and members of farmer club of Doimukh area to get their livestock vaccinated properly for longer life and good health of their animals.  The vaccination will add to the immunity to fight several diseases including Foot and mouth disease which are very common in animals of which there has been a report of death of several animals including domestic animals and mithuns in the state. It is the need of hour during the Covid pandemic that our animals specially the domestic and livestock also remain safe from all disease and they give good output and production during the pandemic for better income and upgradation of the economics of the marginal farmers. Hali said.

We have already experienced during the lockdown and pandemic that several residents of the capital complex have to totally depend on nearby the market area of state and outside the state but due to laziness we could not cultivate kitchen garden and rear pet animals for our own consumption and is a matter of great concern. Hali said adding that we have to try to cultivate our sufficient land and also try to rear some animals for our local consumption and become self dependent aaatma nirbhar to become self sustainability and self sufficiency.

Director AHV & DD Dr.  N D Minto motivated the farmers and urged upon the livestock farmers to maintain their animals in proper way so that they can earn money and also help in domestic works as well become a source of meat and hoe consumption.  He said that the department has been planning to establishment of sufficient numbers of dispensary to get proper treatment of domestic animals, livestock and Mithuns but due to insufficient fund and other issue it could not be materialized however there are still several Dispensary for treatment of animals in state and the farmers can avail the facility and even medicines for their livestock. He said.

Dr. MInto said that due to order of government and issue of SoP and guidelines of Covid pandemic it was necessary to celebrate the day in low profile and due to which we are celebrating in three days to meet up our programme with minimum participation at three location at Mani village in Doimukh today, and Yupia on Friday while at Itanagar on Saturday.

The world veterinary day are basically celebrate in last week of April every month so we are observing it for three day with awareness of animal farmers by several resource person and officers of department and power point presentation.

Joint Director Dr. T Taku, Deputy Director Dr. T Heli explained the importance of celebration of world veterinary day and also importance of animal rearing and its consumption and its utilization in agriculture, horticulture and crop production.

Farmers club Chairman Yab Hari, Mani Village HGB Yab Lala among other members of farmers club interacted with the resource person to get their confusion clear with regard to health and hygiene and  




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